Email marketing

A very recent concept in the marketing field, it comes as a new technique in marketing. Many business discussions survive online through emails, and marketing through emails is very vital as we can send emails in bulk.

It is done mostly by sales, advertisements and a request for the business. Its coming near to the customer and binding a trust in the company and company product.

It is an efficient way making things out and stays in touch with your customers while encouraging the business. They also come in with other services like content writing, search engine optimization and social media.

This kind marketing is done by micro sites, with this you will actually know how many people have opened the mail and by this you will know how many persons you have contacted to get your ROI.

Advantages :-

  • Its economical, and its done low costs, which requires a small amount for the subscription
  • You would tend to know how many have opened the mail and which ad is getting good or bad response
  • Very easy to create an email which is a simple method while you can send this in bulk which saves the time
  • It works genuinely and cost effective as it gives out good revenue from a small investment.
  • With this email marketing we can send mails in long chains to your customers, you will get the best results to which business you have kept the targets for.
  • Its advisable to keep one’s own sale strategy

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