Print Media

In the upcoming and advancing technology there still lies the growth of print media. It consists of printing via news paper and magazine in order to reach the customers hands.

News paper

Aim at different economical standard people, news papers entertain and informative everyone from kids to elders. The text is standard with lively pictures printed on some pages.

A mix of content from sports, entertainment, business, fashion and politics with a spark of international and local news events fills in those pages. Advertising in this paper is commonly seen from entertainment to business. Many government tenders and job opportunities, movies, trendy offers in malls file up the different sizes of advertising spaces.

Some graphics or illustrations occupy the size of a full page or even double page spread.

Magazines -:

Targets readers who go for wide range of choices enjoy reading these magazines. A consumer magazine covers wide angles from sports, hobbies, health, business and current affairs.

Some magazines aim at specific people who read business and trade magazines while advertising takes full pages in black and white colours.

Either the way advertising in print media has its own advantages like-

  • Targets different readerships
  • The cost of advertising depend on circulation of the print media
  • Helps to maintain standard customers
  • A very colour full way of presenting the idea of the ad
  • Its very formally presented
  • And aim all ages and groups


We Tecasia is expertise in the print media with its great team effort consisting of

  • Content writers
  • Creative cartoonists
  • Talented artists

All our services are rendered within your price range balancing the beauty of your ad with using innovation in printing & designing brochure services in Tecasia.