Branding is a name that we give to a product to survive and recognised in this competitive market.

The online branding is done via World Wide Web as a medium for posting a brand in the market place.

Methods used :-

  • Website creation& optimization
  • Web search
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Online press releases
  • Video marketing

With fast and competitive market it’s important to attract the customers by the quality of goods one produce. So to do the same one product should be branded with a specific name as to ensure for the future reference of the am e customer.

The brand name also markets the product through its name spreading its feature through the commercial estate by its brand.

Advantages :-

  • They give a standard commercial address
  • Being in the top popular the product by its brand
  • New upcoming on the name of brand with same product is a possibility
  • It favours recognition
  • A bound of faith on the quality of a particular brand
  • This is centre for advertising
  • Economical value is designed specifically for the product
  • It inspires employees
  • every now and then new customers come in

Many people take a steady step towards branded products and a specific label of price in the market is the main commercial element in the brands.

For example when we went in to the market you can buy the same vegetable in two shops but when compared the quality of the food product it differs, in the same way its more advantage if you buy a shirt under a brand you can be assured of the quality and price.

Now if you want to create your brand then you need to find your name for the brand and a logo through every social media.