Digital marketing

Marketing is defined as the publicity of a product through some media. It’s commonly advertised through paper or some other means but flowing with the current trends and technology, digital marketing took a step ahead over others.

This Digital Market is important as everything I digitalised in the present world attracting many to view this side of the market. This type of marketing uses online medium such as Internet, social medium, web 2.0 promotion, applications (mobile & web apps), videos and content marketing.

Why digital marketing :-

Recently many business personnel tend to open their own website for more promotion. The government of India brought out the concept of Digital India, so they can connect through internet and globalise the Indian market. In few years later every small business establishment will have online marketing. For example a sari weaver in a village would like to sell in urban or for international markets, this will be made accessible by Digital Marketing.

Thus Digital Marketing is a live option to increase chance for the growth of business and marketing the brand of the product. This is advertisement can be viewed by anyone, anywhere.

How and why :-

Digital marketing became a way of life as people made online shopping as their lifestyle. When this kind of marketing is accessible anywhere and that to quiet easily then it will change all the dimensions of one’s life.

Information is readily available on internet connecting everyone to your company through your ads in the digital marketing. The sources on internet are enriched from entertainment, news, shopping and social interactions.

When seen on the net means everyone finds their own opinion more comprising through their reviews. The comments are on the blogs or on reviews that are not concerned what the company says but they write their experiences. Our friends, family members, media put up to the reputation which is why the clients believe them than you. So getting followed on online for some product increases the publicity and demand for your product.

Activities of digital marketing :-

Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, content automation, campaign market, e commerce marketing, E-commerce marketing, Social marketing and E-books with much more services put forth by digital marketing.

Digital marketing recently using non internet channels like mobiles through SMS and MMS. Either the way this marketing became effective and fast to reach.