Enterprise Solution

Now and then we see new strategies in planning an organization. So to manage and keep up with the fast growing demands of people processes and data with the technology, organisations embrace Enterprise solution management.

The interlinked databases are interchanged by the integrated multi branches of a company’s evolving business. It helps in maintaining real-time information in disturbing critical database all around the organization.

The key factors of business activities are :-

  • Enterprise resource planning :-

Planned software to allocate the data for an origination to integrate, collected and stored data of the multi business activities is defined as ERP.

The updating of the core business process management in real time mediated by software is the process consist sting of

  • Product planning, purchase
  • Manufacturing or service delivery
  • Marketing and sales
  • Inventor management
  • Shipping and payment
  • Finance

ERP systems tracks resources like cash, raw materials, production capacity and business related orders and payroll.

  • Application Re- Engineering :-

Is beneficial to minimise the cost of project development, for which the old software applications known as legacy application become troublesome to maintenance engineers which requires removal but discarding them is unwise to bring in new technologies as these still support the latest technology environment.

In order to sustain the situation, the re-engineering technology is applied by many organizations.

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