IT Staffing

Every organisation tends to set effective staffing. So, while staffing a little research is required for skilled staff requirement, as its unnecessary to waste worth full time to examine all these one can find some consultation where you may get all the human resources you aim for.

And this is TecAsia assisting you in placing skilled and trained staff for active participation in the organization. You will have plenty of time saved as you can avoid internal training and skill development.

Thus this kind of staffing will induce effective, fast as well as quality in the services provided for the tremendous growth of an organization.

Differential services provided :-

  • Contractual :- usually companies hires an employee for a long term basis but in some cases to handle a back log or a trouble in the organizations calls for a employee to work until problem is resolved, now this is called contractual employee.

Now this is two types in the first case they can call in interviews and search for the qualified and agreeable candidates for the post. And in the second case the company can lend an assisting hand from a consulting office like Tecasia where it provides you the desired technician on contract basis. Thus you can save time, cost of the process and assurance of effective staffing.

  • Contract to hire :- once an employer employs an employee on a term of 6 months on a contract then Tecasia provides you the best and high professionals for the position vacant by which these employers can be posted for long term basis.
  • Permanent staffing- it is how to position a long term employee in an organization by verifying from each and every detail of the individual.
  • Dedicated staffing- sometimes not only one but a team of skilled professionals are hired for working specifically for significant projects. Tecasia is a leading in industry to provide the experts.


  • Advantages :-
  1. The client company can avoid the burden of the whole process of recruitment
  2. On the stand of the consultant on leave or resigns then he/she will be immediately replaced.
  3. Minimizes cost of management and fills in human resources
  4. All the recruitment problems can be lost with lots of time to concentrate on projects by your executive team
  5. You be the boss while the whole management setting is reduced by us